Our Trustees


Caroline Esterson is the co-founder, Director and Chief Creative Officer of the training company Genius Learning, who have been working with organisations such as Ralph Lauren, Channel 4 and Sainsbury's for over twenty years. 

Caroline is an active volunteer in the local community, as a member of the Adoption Panel at her local council she helps scrutinise applications and supports the matching between adopters and children. She is also a town Councillor, working to build a local community and a strong town.

"There is a real need to inspire talents the world over, and in some places this can seem more difficult than others. Bright Schooling aims to provide an education program for all, no matter of wealth, social status or religion - an educational program which will help see student's natural skills and talents flourish."


Veronica Bennett is a political researcher based in Liverpool and London. She is the author of 'Looking Good', an acclaimed study of graphic design in religion. 

Veronica is the co-founder and director of Good Campaigns Company, specialising in non-profit campaigns consultancy and communications technology. She has appeared on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour, Daily Politics, and has had her campaign data analysis reported in national print and broadcast media. Veronica studied at King's College, Cambridge.

"Bright Schooling's vision of an inclusive educational outreach programme is laudable. In a globalised jobs market, a command of English opens doors for skilled young people all over the world. Too often, access to quality English language education is out of reach for the majority of students, but Bright Schooling's commitment to broadening access to language learning could be a real game-changer". 


Tom Kershaw is a national news reporter and writer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Graduating from the University of Lancashire in Journalism, he excelled in on-screen presenting, producing and writing. He started out as a sports reporter with the Press Association for six years, but later made the transition into breaking news writing for numerous major national newspapers. He is also a novelist.

"I am a great believer that learning is fostered in the home, however, no child should go without an education just because of their background, heritage or culture. Every child should start on an equal playing field and I believe Bright Schooling has more than enough potential to make this a reality."