Bright Schooling passionately believes that a good education should be available to everyone, no matter their wealth or status.


Bright Schooling is a registered British charity that focuses primarily on teaching English as a second language. We want to improve student's education around the world - and ensure that English is as accessible a subject as any other in this increasingly globalized world.

English is the language of media, the internet, science, tourism and diplomacy. English is spoken as a first language by over 400 million people, and is the adopted second language of most of the world - with one in five people understanding at least the basics. Because of this, it is essential that children receive a good language education at school; it increases their chances of a good higher education and certainly increases their likelihood of receiving well paid employment.  

Teaching English as a Foreign Language has become big business, with a population that speaks good English increasing the likelihood of a thriving economy. Countries with capital, such as in Asia and Western Europe, have invested huge sums of Government money in securing an effective language education is available at a state school level. Yet many governments cannot afford such an investment, making good English Language lessons a privileged opportunity for those who can afford to pay for it privately, and totally inaccessible for those that can't. We want to help change that. 

Bright Schooling: Ukraine is our first project, and you can read more about it here.

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