Bright Schooling works to improve lives in three areas:

We Teach - Bright Schooling offers ten weeks courses, workshop events and English language days for Universities, colleges, schools and youth centres. Our curriculum is designed by ESL teaching professionals, using their combined years of experience to create an effective, fun and engaging program. 

Our classroom courses are built upon gaining confidence in English, using group based learning and conversation led classes to encourage as much speaking as possible from each and every student. We want to inspire students, and teach with the correct mixture of determination, team work and inititive - the world really is their oyster. 



 We Provide Resources - Bright Schooling invests in the long term learning of students by providing educational resources for a  variety of English Language levels. 

With text books, our English Language games and educational resources we encourage students to keep learning even when they leave the classroom. 

In order to prioritize those students who are currently displaced, living in state run orphanages or living in conflict zones, we offer a sponsor a school program which helps fund our mission to those children who currently have the least.  

We Train - Our charity wants to build language skills with not just our own students, but with others in the community. We invite teachers, educators and educational administrators to attend a participatory workshop on ESL learning methods and practical application of these methods in the classroom.

Our volunteers also go through an intensive preliminary training program, before offering classroom experience and support throughout their stay. Teaching English as a Second Language is becoming a more competitive field, and nothing could put you in better stead for future ESL employment than practical classroom experience. Whether you're teaching for a future career or as a meaningful break from work or studies - we will help you deliver the best course you possibly can. 

If you would like more information regarding our voluntary program please visit our volunteer page.