Bright Schooling's First Mission: Ukraine

According to official figures the Ukrainian Crisis has displaced over 215, 000 children - although many independent media outlets and human rights charities believe this figure to be far higher. UNICEF have cited over 1.7 million children as directly affected by military action in the East, with the majority of children not having the benefit of financial aid from relatives or the state, moving to impoverished areas and receiving a limited education.

Those still living in conflicted areas are doing so with severely restricted resources - cancelled exams, an inability to operate at full capacity due to internal displacement, closing of local schools and a severe cut in any state funding. 

Even those not directly affected by the war and living in zones of non-conflict are suffering with their education, with state resources severely stretched. Pay for teachers remains low, with teachers in Kiev reporting of missed wage payments for months at a time. An ambitious education reform launched in 2014 by the Ukrainian government has been severely hindered by the crisis in the east, with targets not currently being fulfilled.

The want and need for a better English Language education is still extremely evident, with 95 English specialist schools officially registered in Ukraine, and many more non-official schools appearing countrywide. The average price for a one hour lesson with a native English speaker is over twice a typical civil servants daily wage. Private education is not an option for the large majority, and for a minority a luxury worth investing in.

Bright Schooling will place volunteer teachers in government ran Ukrainian cities, providing participating institutions with a Native English led language education - designed to motivate and inspire. We will also enter conflict areas for workshops and resource drops for both public schools and orphanages. 

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